Epidural Stimulation Arrival: New Chapter

Hi from Louisville, KY everyone!


I really have felt so much support since making the decision to partake in this study. Tomorrow early AM I will have the epidural stimulator surgically implanted in my lower back. Please keep me, the research and medical team in your prayers.

I have been reassured so many times that God is working everything for the good. I am looking forward to getting through the surgical implant and starting phase 1 of this study!


 A recap up until this point.

*Trish and I had a strong sense to affirm our faith in Gods power and decided to be baptized together.


*Toss it for the good Life (click here for pics) was such a fun event! I am so grateful for all who helped raise funds for travel, room board, and caregiving.

*A few days later, Trish and I had a great cross country trip as newly weds, in a great new reliable ride!











*We got settled into Clarksville, IN (a close drive to Frazier Rehab). My mom will help hold down the fort here with me as Trish will hold down the fort in Bend.







*I completed the 2 week screening and pre surgical screening.

*All is well medically to continue to the next part of the study…. next step is to implant the stimulator…


I am blessed to have such a wonderful and caring family, friends, and church family from Iglesia Familia de Gracia in NC to Father’s House in Bend. Without all the support my participation would not have been possible!

Thank you for keeping me constantly in your prayers.

God has provided me with a sense of peace throughout each phase of my recovery. I want more than anything for God to use this research and my experience to make a positive impact.

All your kind words and prayers are felt and heard, they encourage me more and more!




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