Trish – 1 Month after The Proposal #SCImonth

I hacked onto Noel’s recovery page to share a beautiful moment for him, us and this injury. One month later and I still smile about how my breath was taken away… Literally (happy hyperventilation did happen, thank God for an experienced person belaying below:) by an epic surprise marriage proposal from Noel. The planning, love…

Yardsale fundraiser

What a great turn out to the Garage sale fundraiser!

A huge thank you to the Chuck Walker and family for hosting a successful fundraiser! We have now raised almost 1/3 of what I will minimally need to participate in a 4 month study at Frazier Rehab and The University of Louisville. Thanks for all the love and support!!


Garage Sale Fundraiser

Garage Sale Fundraiser

Garage Sale Fundraiser

Garage Sale Fundraiser



UofL / Frazier Rehab Screening Recap

God is good! Safe travels for Trish and I to and from.  Flying was a new experience in this injury and throughout I learned the do’s and don’ts.

I would like to thank everyone at the University of Louisville and Fraizer Rehab that dedicates their time to this important research! The screening processes was blessed beyond imaginable.  Also, a huge thank you to our advocate / help Anna, that made sure everything went as smooth as possible!

Thursday after reviewing the results with all the doctors, all the studies I was evaluated for, I medically and scientifically qualify for! Great news! Several are only recruiting a select amount of people and I will have to wait to hear if I am selected. The study that I wish be pursue in the near future and is open enrollment is the, FES Stand Retrain (click for details) study.  

This study will require a 4-5 month commitment.  Being a part of studies like this I feel is extremely important in finding the best standard of practice for the future.

I appreciate all the support I have received along this journey.


UofL / Fraizer Rehab Screening Last Day

Thursday was the last screening. They saved the best test for last!  I was evaluated while walking on the treadmill. I was able to walk with assistance and a harness for core support for 10 minutes consistently!! It was such a strange and unstable feeling to walk again. I had motion sensors and EKGs attached to different muscles in my lower extremities.

The purpose of this evaluation was to see if I would physically be able to handle treadmill muscle training and also to monitor if different muscles were being triggered when I walked. One of the studies will require many treadmill (Locomotor) training sessions.

It was an exciting day in Louisville!

UofL / Fraizer Rehab Screening – Day 3

    Today I will call electrode day! Lots of wires, EKG electrodes and sticky tape.In the AM (left video) I did a SSEP test that analyzes the sensory system in response to low – intensity electrical stimulation applied my wrists and back of my knees.  This test was done in the main hospital rather than…

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