U of L / Fraizer Rehab Screening – Day 2

Today during the am session (left video) they conducted an orthostatic stress test that looks at the body’s blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing response to quickly changing positions. The position change was from lying down to sitting up.  It was a fairly quick and painless test.  If anything it was relaxing and quiet.The afternoon session (right video) was the (RMCA) Respiratory Motor Control Assessment.  This test was the baseline evaluation for the Respiratory Motor Control and Blood Pressure Control Study.  In the video you are not able to see under my shirt but there was at least 30 sensors measuring different muscle intensities.  The study’s intention is to train respiratory muscles through a specific breathing device and calibrations. This can be very beneficial for spinal cord injuries of my level.

Still more to come tomorrow and Thursday.

Lots to be excited about.





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