This time 2 Years ago – Support Frazier Rehab – Larosa Loop 2016 – One Week and Counting!

Takin it back to June 2014. I have this time 2 years ago on the brain, it was our first visit to Frazier Rehab and LeBron James was also in the finals!
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Crazy how remembering a moment can instantly bring certain emotions back to life. This screening 2 years ago, marks the beginning stages of where we are today. I am so thankful God opened this door and masterfully planned that screening, it slowly introduced me to the encouraging and life changing opportunities at Frazier Rehab.
The trip was exciting and our first flying adventure post injury. We left after a long week so thankful and hopeful, not just for progress that could be achieved personally but for bigger picture tangible progress and advancements. Actually being present and seeing everything first hand was eye opening and encouraging for future treatments in the SCI world!
Believe me when I say it is not the easiest thing in the world to continue to carry that spark full time. However, I feel blessed and beyond to have  game changer moments that I can tap into when feeling stuck.
Outpatient and Inpatient places like Frazier Rehab are in the business of helping and it is an easy opportunity to stand behind and organization doing so much good.
All I can honestly say is some remarkable programs are available to some remarkable people because of community outreach and support. Please consider contributing to our team “Caribbean Spice” as I will hand cycle and Trish will attempt to jog behind 1, 3 or 5 miles next week at the Larosa Loop 2016 for KentuckyOneHealth.
A little goes a long way in rehab programs:)
The 2016 Larosa Loop will raise funds to enhance and expand patient programs and services at Frazier Rehab Institute.
Thank you for supporting me in this journey and the cause!
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