What a fall 2016!


Noel and Trisha Bday 2016

October 8th marked the start of the 36th  year for me! Although the start of my 36th year  has been off to a rocky and emotionally draining start, I continue to remember the amazing opportunities that are now and will be available  in my life time  because of the dedication of others. For that I am thankful and hopeful for the  future of me and others in my situation. Team work and funding from every angle makes progress happen! Exciting to see funding going to such a ground breaking  development!

I thank God for all the support, from even the areas I don’t know to recognize! It is nice to see progress in action and not just talked about (Seems like a rare thing these days :/) Your dedication keeps my head held high!

Thank you for support through all my crazy phases!

Much love and safe travels during this thanksgiving holiday!







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